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War Stories #20 Battle Damage Martin Variant - Coliseum of Comics


War Stories #20 Battle Damage Martin Variant


(W) Garth Ennis (A) Tomas Aira (CA) Matt Martin
As the night war heats up, the pilots of Vampire Squadron find themselves in the thick of the action despite their many disagreements and divisions. The reason for Squadron-Leader Carver's breakdown becomes all too clear, while Michaels continues to cut a bloody-if inexplicable- swathe through the enemy ranks. And in the midst of war, Terry Proctor finds love...  Part two of the four-part Vampire Squadron, by Garth Ennis and Tomas Aira. Available with Regular, Wraparound Covers by Thomas Aria, Good Girl Nose Art, Battle Damage Retailer Incentive Covers by Matt Martin.

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