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Redcoat #1 1/50 Ivan Reis & Danny Miki Foil Variant (Image, 2024)


Redcoat #1 1/50 Ivan Reis & Danny Miki Foil Variant (Image, 2024)


(W) Geoff Johns (A) Bryan Hitch (CA) Ivan Reis, Danny Miki
Immortal. Mercenary. Kind of a tool. Meet Simon Pure, the newest UNNAMED hero, created by comic all-stars GEOFF JOHNS and BRYAN HITCH. British redcoat and all-around rogue, Simon mysteriously became immortal in 1776 after a run-in with the clandestine cabal known as the Founding Fathers, which included George Washington, John Hancock, and many other prominent American Revolutionary War leaders. Since that fateful day, Simon has led a life of adventure and avarice, rubbing elbows (and sometimes fists) with many of history's most renowned figures, including his nemesis Benedict Arnold, Albert Einstein, Annie Oakley, and many more. One thing they all agree on: they never want to see him again! But what are the true origins and extent of Simon's power and the mysterious organization behind them? And how has it secretly shaped America and the world? Simon's on a quest to find out!

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